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April 18, 2014
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Why do women wear heels? Some women enjoy looking taller while others prefer the shoes with certain outfits. No matter a woman’s preference, there is one thing that remains the same for anyone wearing high heels—people are increasing their risk of foot problems. Elevated shoes can cause tendon stress.
Why does this matter?
If you wear heels, do you ever notice how your toes point down instead of parallel to the ground? This hyperextension of the feet puts a strain on your Achilles tendon, a longer tendon attaching the bones of your heel to the calves. If a person wears high heels on a regular basis (60 hours or more), it’ll be more difficult to wear flat-footed shoes because of the shock.
Worst-case scenario, you could put too much stress on the Achilles tendon, causing pain or injury. If your love for pumps is causing a significant amount of discomfort, it’s better for you to seek a professional opinion and possible treatment.
What kind of treatment is available for heel and foot pain?
Foot Doctor in Chicago: Shockwave Therapy Treatment
Shockwave therapy is one of the newest and most innovative treatment options found nowadays at a podiatry practice. At the Center for Podiatric Medicine, shockwave therapy is available to patients looking to enhance or replace traditional treatments, such as, prescription drugs, injections and physical therapy. 
Do you want to know more about shockwave therapy? Chicago residents can call our office at (312) 923-1100.


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