Benefits of Shockwave Therapy


By Center for Podiatric Medicine
 December 03, 2015
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If you have ever suffered from foot problems like plantar fasciitis or Achilles tendonitis, chances are you understand just how painful it can be. Thankfully, there is a technology called shockwave therapy that can non invasively treat these and other conditions. Together with your Chicago, IL podiatrists at the Center for Podiatric Care, you can get back on track to healthy and happy feet.

What is shockwave therapy? 
Shockwave therapy uses high-energy waves to stimulate the blood flow to the affected area, coaxing the body into repairing the tissue on its own and encouraging healing. This procedure usually lasts around 30 minutes and is used to treat injured tendons or chronic heel pain. Shockwave therapy is safe and has a short recovery time. Since it is noninvasive, no bandages or stitches are required, though it is sometimes performed under local anesthetic. Pregnant women or people with certain conditions like heart or vascular problems should not use shockwave therapy. You should consult with your podiatrist to determine whether shockwave therapy is the best treatment for your condition.

The Procedure
A small probe is attached to the skin near the affected area. To ensure proper contact, a gel is applied to the area to be treated. The shockwave machine is placed right up against the area in question, and the machine’s power setting is adjusted to your needs. Usually, the intensity of the waves will be started low, and gradually increased to treatment level during the session. After the procedure, you will not have to wear any special shoes or bandages, and can wear your everyday shoes and walk normally. If local anesthetic is needed, you will not be able to drive yourself home, as your foot will be numb. Since general anesthetic is not needed and the procedure can be done in your doctor’s office, the costs of shockwave therapy are generally much lower than more invasive procedures.

If you are suffering from heel or tendon pain, shockwave therapy could be just the treatment you require. The Center for Podiatric Care in River North, Chicago, IL can help you beat foot pain and get back to walking normally in no time. Call (312) 923-1100 to schedule your appointment today!

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