Protect Your Feet During Springtime Running


 By Center for Podiatric Medicine
 March 05, 2015
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Your Chicago foot doctor shares the best ways to maintain healthy feet while still enjoying your running regime.

Even if there is snow still on the ground, it won’t be much longer before we can dust off our running shoes and start pounding the pavement in warmer weather. With Spring on the horizon now is the perfect time to think about what you should do for your feet to protect them from injury and other problems when running in the outdoors. Welcome the glorious warmer weather without worrying about the health of your feet. Your Chicago foot doctor offers up these helpful suggestions for even the most seasoned athlete.

If the shoe fits

One of the best ways to protect your feet from the wear and tear of running outside is to find the proper shoes for your athletic endeavors. One of the most common mistakes is choosing shoes that don’t fit properly or that don’t offer the best protection. If a shoe doesn’t fit you can expect to deal with blisters, calluses and sore spots, which can make running nearly impossible. To prevent this from happens, avoid shoes that are too narrow or wide. You don’t want your toes to crowd each other but you also don’t want your foot to slide around when you walk.

Also, keep these factors in mind:

Shoes will shrink with time, especially if you get them wet. Not only are your shoes shrinking but your feet are also getting larger each year. This means you should be getting new shoes every year to accommodate the changes.
If you are an avid runner you may need to change out shoes more often. Between 300 to 500 miles you may want to retire your running shoes for a new pair. We know it’s hard to part with them but worn out shoes won’t offer your feet the protection they need.

Offer optimal support

If you are suffering from flat feet or you find that running causes aching arches then you may need the added support of orthotics to help make your running regime a bit easier. Custom-made orthotics can offer arch support, as well as provide extra stability and improve range-of-motion for the foot and the ankle. Talk to your Chicago foot doctor about whether orthotics could improve your routine.

Protect your skin

If you are an avid runner than you’ve probably dealt with your fair share of dry, cracking skin. The best solution is to use a moisturizer immediately after showering every day. Massage a rich creamy moisturizer into your skin. If you are susceptible to developing blisters, then you may even want to use some of your moisturizer, or petroleum jelly on the outside of your socks as well.

If you start to notice any foot pain or other symptoms, then it’s time to schedule an appointment with your Chicago foot doctor, Dr. Mark A. Jones, DPM, at Center for Podiatric Medicine. Let us help you maintain healthy feet and ankles so you can enjoy running in the warmer months ahead!

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