What Are Bone Spurs?


 By Center for Podiatric Medicine
 May 08, 2018
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What your podiatrists in River North and Schaumburg, IL want you to know

There are many reasons why you might experience pain in your toes and your feet. One of the reasons is bone spurs. Bone spurs can be caused by irritation and inflammation of conditions like arthritis, chronic friction of your toes rubbing against each other and excessive calcium deposits.

Your foot doctors at Center for Podiatric Medicine want to share the facts about bone spurs. They have several convenient office locations in River North and Schaumburg, IL to help your feet.

Bone spurs can occur in many places including:

Your heel; the heel spur protrudes underneath your heel bone. Heel spurs are often experienced along with plantar fasciitis, causing acute heel pain.
Your toes; the most common area is on your fifth toe, either on the outside next to the toenail, or the inside tip or base of the toe.
Other areas of injury or inflammation around joints
You may have a bone spur if you experience pain in your joints which can cause difficulty walking. Swelling due to inflammation is also a common symptom.

Bone spurs may be treated initially with conservative measures to reduce swelling and decrease inflammation. Common first-line therapy includes:

Over-the-counter or prescription oral anti-inflammatory medications
Cortisone injections into the area to reduce swelling
Custom-fit orthotics, inserts or cushions
Surgery may be indicated to remove the bone spur. In cases of bone spurs on the toes, a small incision is made and the bone spur is smoothed down. The incision is closed with one or two stitches. In cases of heel spurs, an incision is made on the inside or the bottom of the foot.

For more detailed information about bone spur treatment, please visit the Bone Spurs page on the Center for Podiatric Medicine website at https://www.thefootdocs.com/bone-spur-surgery-of-the-toes.html

Bone spurs in your feet or toes can limit your ability to move around and enjoy your life. Fortunately, you can get help from bone spurs. Just pick up the phone and call your foot doctors at Center for Podiatric Medicine, with offices in River North and Schaumburg, IL.

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