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Dance medicine has become specialized within general sports medicine. Dance injuries can sideline or end the career of a young or professional dancer. Education, recognition and early treatment are all important for dancers. The competative nature of dancers, like other athletes can lead to hiding or ignoring of injuries. Early evaluation and treatment can lead to quicker recoveries, better long-term outcomes and less chance of other injuries.

Our relationship with the Joffrey Ballet and many of the other local dance companies in Chicago has allowed us to work closely with these patients and see first hand the complexities involved in their treatment and care. Some of the more common injuries seen in dancers include stress fractures, achilles and other tendonitis, ankle impingement, shin splints, cuboid subluxation, sesamoid injuries, dislocations, ankle sprains, toenail injuries, blisters, warts and painful corns and callouses. We take a team approach with each injury and decide on a comprehensive treatment plan. Other specialties, physical therapists, dance company managers and teachers, and family members are all involved for an ideal outcome.

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The physicians at The Center for Podiatric Medicine evaluate not only the specific injury but many other factors that may play a role in the disease process. These may include structural and biomechanical evaluations, nutrition, shoes, rehearsal intensity, strengthening and flexibility.

All dancers work hard to prevent injury. Proper warm up, practicing proper techniques and paying attention to pain all need to be part of a dancers daily routine. Our goal is to offer a complete treatment plan, work together with the dancers and return them back to normal activities in a timely and safe manner.

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