Walk Heathy Footcare Pharmacy

For the convenience of our patients, the Center for Podiatic Medicine offers excellent products in our office which treats many of the common ailments we see in our office.

Ailment Relief

A comprehensive suite of superior patented, ailment-specific products.

Walk Healthy Foot & Shoe Protection Pads mold to the foot for all-day pain relief, protecting and cushioning affected areas. Pad features include:

Image of a pad for foot corn

• Hypoallergenic, non-toxic material with anti-microbial,
  anti-bacterial coating
• Reusable and long lasting
• Washing with soap and water restores tackiness
• Unique "pocket pad" designs have protective layer for use
  with topical ointments
• Beveled edges prevent pad peeling
• Optional application to inside of shoes offers targeted relief

Walk Healthy Topical Treatments deliver effective, advanced care for a wide range of topical ailments.

Image of moisturizing cream from Walk Healthy


Hygiene solutions are designed to reduce pathogens and moisture in the foot environment and prevent the reoccurrence of podiatric conditions.

Image of foot and shoe powder

Easy-to-use hygiene solutions designed to treat existing foot ailments prevent the recurrence of podiatric conditions. Walk Healthy believes in reactive and proactive care.

Your feet are highly vulnerable to the consequences of poor hygiene. The Walk Healthy Foot Care Pharmacy offers advanced tools for all patients to achieve good foot hygiene, in order to treat and avoid most foot-related ailments. Everyone should use a spray for their shoes, a spray for their bath and shower and keep their feet dry. Regular use of Walk Healthy Hygiene products radically reduces the presence of bacteria, mold, yeast, virus and fungus.


Customizable devices that deliver bio-mechanical alignment and comfort of the heel, arch and fore-foot.

Image of a forefoot orthotic insole

Walk Healthy customizable everyday orthotics insoles & devices provide biomechanical alignment of the heel, arch and forefoot.

Your feet possess one-quarter of the bones in the human skeleton and are subject to constant stress and strain. Achieving proper foot functionality requires a stable, bio-mechanically aligned platform to both:

• Mitigate impact shock
• Align the heel, arch and forefoot

Normal footwear fails to provide these essential controls, creating an everyday situation that increases the risk of developing foot-related ailments. Many currently available podiatric solutions to this problem are not designed to combine both the shock and absorption qualities of insoles and the biomechanical alignment properties of orthotics in a single device.

Walk Healthy Customizable Everyday Orthotic Insoles are specifically designed to reduce heel pain, arch pain and discomfort. They deliver great toe joint stability, which slows the progression of bunion development throughout life. The insoles are designed with a metatarsal pad to reduce hammertoe formation, metatarsal pain in the ball of the foot and neuroma discomfort.

In addition, many people require specific adjustments to the heel, arch and/or forefoot to achieve proper alignment and balance. AHA Program provides improved patient outcomes and reduced recurrence of podiatric conditions.

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